Is Graphic Art and designing a Form of Visual Arts?

The world of arts may seem complicated to many with respect to its categories, but those who really tends to understand art knows well that everything like feelings, and emotions described in the form of visualization is a form of visual arts.

The same confusion arises when it comes to categorizing the genre of graphic designing and many consider it to be a part of technology. But again, the simple statement and understanding of the visual arts put into a form of graphic designing as it is a process of designing visuals using technology.

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The term graphic “art” refers to the forms of visual expression that are created using different types of the art like drawing caricatures, animation, and cartoon, and also includes sketching with pencil, pen, ink, and charcoal. With everyday evolution in different areas, it is constantly evolving and something new is getting added to make it reach further excellence. Mainly a type of visual art, it can also be categorized as a form of Applied Art and Fine Art.

Different types of graphic art and design

The genre “graphic art” is further divided into a broader category that makes an individual understand it in a better way. Some of them have been mentioned below.


The supreme type of graphic art and design is the calligraphy which is better known as stylized writing, and has emerged in the Far East and derived from the Arabic and other oriental languages.

Abstract Designs

Another example of graphic art is the abstract design and it derives from the Celtic and Hiberno-Saxon. It is rounded and the motifs used in the art manifests the strong influence of the development of the modern style and designs.


An illustration is another example of graphic art and it involves the white and black drawing of the sketches that emphasize on explaining a piece of texts. With the evolution of technology, computer graphics is on the rise and demand these days.