Tracing the Origin of the Landscape Drawing and Painting

Landscape drawing is an important category of visual arts and it refers to painting and drawing which mainly aims to depict the beauty of natural scenery like mountains,talents_solocal_group_890_595 cliffs, rivers, valleys, and anything that come in human eye’s globe.

But, the fact is that it is now famous in the world of visual arts, the fact that it has been explored a little when it comes to tracking backs its origin and popularity. Today, people are making an effort to know how it grew popular and traveled a long way to become a prominent category of the visual arts.

Its origin

The landscape drawing and painting has its origin in the ancient era with Greeks and Romans. However, it flourished more in the later eras and in every era; something new was added to it. In every era, there were painters that gave something new and redefined the art.

Landscape painting in Renaissance

The landscape painting started witnessing a rise in its popularity in the Renaissance era. Artists of that era looked back to the ancient landscape painting that prevailed in Greek and Rome to take inspiration from. However, even at the time, it was not a subject matter and was used as the backdrop of religion and other subjects. They were used to reflect the expressions and feelings of the subjects.

Landscape painting in the 17th Century

In the 17th century, two countries, Italy and Netherlands, took the initiative to take landscape painting a little further. At that time, Netherlands was occupied with Spain and none of them wanted to get motivated by the religious painting and thus, the painters started painting Dutch Landscapes. The very famous Italian Painter Leonardo da Vinci flourished the form by incorporating it into his paintings. By the end of 18th century, Landscape painting became its own subject-matter and flourished throughout Europe.

With the invention of technology and cameras, artists felt an urge to capture the landscape in their real avatars and today, it has become a distinct genre of visual arts.