Understanding 2 Dimensional Painting

The term art sees no boundary and almost everything that your eyes see is a part of visual arts. Many times, people do and don’t realize that everything catching their u153p5029t2d533384f28dt20121203135048attention and looking beautiful or ugly is a form of visual arts.

2-dimensional painting is counted amongst the prominent form of visual arts, and often people do mistake themselves in understanding the meaning of 2-dimensional drawings and paintings. Today, this site will take time and take you on a brief journey of the 2 dimension painting.

What does 2-dimensional painting mean?

Everything you have drawn in the back of your notebook to pass the time from trees to birds or any shape is 2-dimensional painting. In 2 dimensional painting, shapes act as an important block for building art.

Any work that is categorized as 2-dimensional painting, it refers that the painting has the dimensions of width and length, but lack to have any depth or deeper meaning. All paintings classified as 2-dimensional paintings are made up of shapes precisely.

Use of Shapes

The shape is the main essence of 2-dimensional painting and it could be anything, a line, color, space, texture, and others, but mainly there are two types of shapes, free-form and geometric.

Geometric shapes

Those shapes that can be defined by a name are known as geometric space such as a circle, rectangle, triangle, and others. The geometric shapes are outlined mathematically.

Free-Form shape

Those shapes that can challenge the geometric shapes are known as free-form shapes otherwise also known as organic shapes. They are irregular and uneven and they are termed as organic because they can be found anywhere in nature such as plants, rock, animals, clouds, and others.

2-dimensional shapes can have both positive and negative impact and it is like any other form of the painting of course.