Understanding Illustration in Visual Arts

As mentioned in many articles, Illustration is now a part of visual arts. It has been emphasized countless times that anything that contains visuals to get through its viewers is a form of illustrations. But, to many it is still unknown and an area of confusion. Today, artists are just trying to let people know the relation of illustration in visual arts.

Concept of Illustration

An illustration is a visual that emphasizes on one subject and create images to get used in publication in various places like books, magazines, calendars, commercial products and others. Illustrators can use drawing, photographs, sketch, or painting to create images. It helps the readers to understand the subject matter with the help of textual information.

The advantages of illustrationhp_lead-image_1280x735

  • Illustrators give identity and face to the characters.
  • Helps readers to understand the subject by depicting it in more than one form.
  • Improves the meaning of the texts.
  • Helps readers to understand the difficult terms and subjects by relating it to the pictures.


The emergence of illustrations dates back to the prehistoric era and it was used to depict life in the caves. These are very informative for the fact that when they were used, no other forms of arts were in existence. After this, the trace of the wooden handicraft illustration has been discovered in Japan and China. From the 15th century, books were made available on etching, engravings, and designing, and the 18th century saw the development of the illustration because of the birth of Lithography. The golden age of the genre lasted from the 18th century to World War I until it again came in the rise in the modern age.

Types of Illustrators

There are different types of illustrators right now and not every artist can be an illustrator but every illustrator is an artist.

  • Technical Illustrator
  • Medical Illustrator
  • Scientific Illustrator