Various Forms of Visual Arts

Visual art is a broad term that takes in a broader category of arts. Everything that our eyes see and mind understands is a form of visual arts. There are plenty of different forms of visual arts, and some of them date back to centuries ago. However, not all of them are equally prominent and here, the site is throwing light on some of the most prominent forms of visual arts prevailing till date.

Abstract artabstract-6

As the name itself suggests, an abstract form is that form of art where artists do not believe in highlighting different objects and considering the flow of emotions is of utmost importance. This has also been included in the category of the non-objective and non-figurative form of visual arts.


This form of art is given a shape of painting using geometric shapes. Often, the paintings do not look real, but reflect the beauty of merging different shapes into one canvas. Originated by the famous artist Picasso, this form focuses on the beauty of shapes and often appears on the two-dimensional surface.


This form of visual art focuses precisely on the expressions than counting more on the shapes and sizes.


This form of art is often made directly using natural and non-naturalistic colors. Artists often use bright colors and forms and appear mostly as something which people call “wild beast.” This form emerged in Paris and depicted the strong personal feelings of the individual artist.

Primitive Art

Primitive arts as the name suggest were mostly used by the primitive men to describe their culture and practices. This form of art looks as if it has been drawn by a child and mostly were done on the stone walls and did not contain any artistic detailing.

These are just a few prominent forms of visual arts but there are many different practices. The arena of visual arts is getting broader each day and today with the help of technology, three Dimensional images, photographs, cartoons, and others have made their way in the world of visual arts.